Structure of the orchestra

The Mandolin-Orchestra Niederkassel was founded in 1920. After an almost completely dissolution during the years of war the orchestra perked up in 1947. In 1954, our current conductor took over the conductorship from his father Peter Neff. Under the new conductorship, the former music club developed increasingly towards a symphonic orchestra of which the programme and the composition of instruments goes far beyond an ordinary plucked string orchestra. Anyway, it had been always the objective that the classically plucked string instruments should stay in the foreground and determine the character of the orchestra.

Today, the orchestra consists of about 50 active members aged between 10 and 72 years. All members of the orchestra are amateur-musicians who regard their kind of music as the most beautiful hobby of the world. The range reaches from beginners to virtuosi. Hence, diverse performing groups have found a homeland in our orchestra and our beginners can grow up in a pleasant milieu.

Mostly the soloists at our performances are own orchestra members.


Richard Neff & Robert Neff

The orchestra compounds the following instruments:


string instruments wind instruments rhythm instruments
Mandolins Flutes Kettledrums
Mandolas Oboe Percussion
Mandocellos Clarinets E-bass
Guitars Cor anglais  
Contrabasses Bass-clarinets  


If you are interested to participate in our music community, don’t hesitate to contact one of our contact addresses or visit us at our rehearsals which take place each Friday in the rotunda of the secondary school at Niederkassel-Lülsdorf, starting at 8:00 p.m.